Wednesday, August 22, 2012



The 2nd meet of the Circle Executive Meet of All India Central Excise Inspectors’ Association, Chandigarh Circle was held in the Commissionerate Headquarters Office of Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate, at Jammu on 13.08.2012. The following office bearers and members attended the meet : -


1. Ramesh Chander Sharma, President,

2. Bhagwan Singh, General Secretary,

3. Vinod Kumar, Liason Secretary,

4. Munish Arya, Office Secretary,

5. Raj Kumar, Treasurer,

6. Subhash Bhashin, Vice President, J & K Branch,

7. Shiban Koul, Joint Secretary, J & K Branch,

8. S. S. Rawat, Vice President, Chan digarh-II Branch,

9. Rajesh Gupta, Vice President, Chandigarh-I,

10. S.K. Mishra, Vice President, Customs Amritsar Branch,

11. Mukesh Anand, Central Excise Division, Jammu ( Special Invitee ),

12. Manoj Nayyar, Chief Commissioner’s Unit, Chandigarh ( Special invitee),

13. Ajay Sopori, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

14. Subhash C. Verma, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

15. Shashi Kant Sinha, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

16. Varinder Singh, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

17. P.P. Singh, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

18. Kashmir Singh, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

19. Rajinder Kumar, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

20. Amardeep Singh, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

21. Ram Prashad, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

22. Rajiv Kumar, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

23. Ranjeet Singh, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

24. Kanhaiya Lal, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

25. Anil Vashishta, Jammu & Kashmir Commissionerate,

26. Pawan Kumar, Ludhiana Commissionerate ( Special Invitee)

27. Vinod Kumar, Ludhiana Commissionerate ( Special Invitee)

28. Kulwinder Kumar, Ludhiana Commissionerate ( Special Invitee).

After the formal inauguration of the meeting by the Hon’ble President and welcome address by Shri Shiban Koul, Joint Secretary, Jammu & Kashmir Branch, the proceedings of the house were taken over by the General Secretary.

At the outset, the General Secretary briefly informed the house about the matters taken up with the administration in the Chandigarh Zone and about the communications sent to the administration and the results achieved in respect of those communications. The General Secretary also informed the house that all the communications except the one with the All India General Secretary about the role and status of the delegates to the convention after the election were put on the blog maintained by the Association (WWW. AICEIACHD.BLOGSPOT.COM). The house approved the action taken by the Association through the General Secretary and appreciated the results achieved.

The following agenda were put to discussion and the house resolved as under: -


The following members were nominated unanimously by the house : -

i) Shri Manoj Nayyar, Ex. President, as Advisor to the Circle Executive Committee,

ii) Shri K. C. Shajgota, Ex. G. Secy, as Advisor to the Circle Executive Committee (*)

iii) Shri Munish Kumar Bhardwaj, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

iv) Shri Ramesh Kumar Arora, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

v) Shri Vinod Kumar, as Member, Circle Executive Committee,

vi) Shri Pawan Kumar, as Member, Circle Executive Committee,

vii) Shri Vinay Kumar Goel, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

viii) Shri Jitender Bhardwaj, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

ix) Shri Ashwani Arora, Joint Secretary, Amritsar Branch, (*)

x) Shri Ajay Sopori, as Member, Circle Executive Committee,

xi) Shri R.P. Sharma, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

xii) Shri. Sandeep Mahajan, as Member, Circle Executive Committee (*)

(*) nominated/co-opted in absentee.

The house also unanimously approved the nomination of Shri Shiban Koul as Joint Secretary to the Jammu and Kashmir Branch.

Shri Kuldeep Singh, Vice President, Ludhiana Branch and Shri Prashant Joshi, Joint Secretary, Ludhiana Branch sought leave from attendance due to personal reasons and official work respectively. The house unanimously approved the leave from attendance to the office bearers of branch bodies.

The house also resolved and authorized the Vice Presidents of the Branches to nominate three members of their choice from the branch jurisdiction as members of local executive bodies in consultation with the Joint Secretaries and intimate their names to the General Secretary as early as possible.

2. MEMBERSHIP OF THE ASSOCIATION : The General Secretary put forwarded a proposal before the house that all the Inspectors should be treated as members of the association automatically and they should be requested to complete the formalities relating to the deduction of subscription as per the CCS(RSA) Rules, 1993. The house approved the proposal with applause and authorized that Vice Presidents of the branches are authorized to receive the membership forms –cum- authorizations for subscription and send the same directly under their signatures to the DDOs for necessary action and send the copies of the forms along with forwarding letter to the General Secretary for updation of the members list. The house also requested all the Inspectors to become members of the Association by filling up the requisite forms immediately, which will ensure not only unity but also increase the strength of the cadre for getting better facilities and working environment.

3. INFRASTRUCTURAL FACILITIES : The members pointed out that the infrastructure facilities in the offices are not still up to the mark and needs considerable improvement. The vehicles at the CPSs are not up to date. The members from the Jammu pointed out that their buildings need air-conditioned keeping in view high temperature and high humidity. The sitting space in many offices is inadequate.

The Vice President, Amritsar Branch pointed out that the office building at ICP Attari Road is not having proper ventilation and having no air-condition, making it very difficult and injurious to the health of the officer to sit due to the heat created by the green-house effect by the sunlight entering through the glass panes.

Similarly, the issue regarding the inadequacy of the space for sitting of officers and for record room in the Division offices at Ludhiana was also discussed. The General Secretary apprized the members that the administration of Ludhiana Commissionerate is searching some suitable building for shifting of Service Tax Branches/Ranges and thereafter also the Central Excise Divisions and Ranges. However, the house resolved that the administration may be requested to take up the matter expeditiously.

The Vice Presidents of Branches were authorized to take up the matter with the respective Commissioners for taking necessary action for provision of proper office space and infrastructure in the offices. The members are requested to kindly put the necessary requisitions in writing and issue further reminders where-ever required in this regard and send the copies thereof to the Vice Presidents/Joint Secretaries for discussing the matter with the authorities. The house resolved that after discussions with the local authorities/Commissionerate level, the Vice President will send a consolidated report in respect of their respective branches to the General Secretary, who will after discussion with the Circle Executive; take up the matter with the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner for necessary follow – up.

4.. PAYMENT OF RUMMAGING ALLOWANCE TO THE CUSTOMS OFFICERS. The Vice President and Liaison Secretary raised the issue relating to the non payment of rummaging allowance to the Customs Officers. The issue will be taken up by the Circle Executive with the authorities.

5. NON FORWARDING OF ICT REQUESTS The Vice President of Chandigarh-II Branch raised the point that certain members have brought it to notice that the ICT requests for Delhi and other Zones by the Inspectors are not being forwarded. The house resolved that the matter will be taken up with the administration by the Circle Executive.

6. SANCTIONING OF SIX POSTS OF SUPERINTENDENTS WHICH ARE STILL AD-HOC : The members brought to the notice of the house that six posts of Superintendents, which were sanctioned on ad-hoc basis in 2009, are still ad-hoc and the matter needs to be taken up with the CBEC for sanction of these posts on regular basis. Some members were of the view that since the workload at ICP-Trade Check Points at Islamabad and Chaka-da-Bagh has increased, four additional posts also needed to be sanctioned. The house resolved that the matter will be discussed and studied by a group of three-four members to be constituted by the President and General Secretary and the matter will be taken up with the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner requesting him to take necessary follow up action with the CBEC.

7. POSTS UNFILLED DUE TO NON AVAILABILITY OF SUITABLE CANDIDATES OF ST CATEGORY. The members also brought it to the notice of the house that 11 posts of Superintendents remain unfulfilled due to non-availability of the suitable candidates as none of the ST category Inspectors will attain the minimum 8 years service before 2017. Hence, these posts may be diverted to general pool, especially in view of the stagnation being faced by the Inspectors who are awaiting their 1st promotion after completion of 19/20 years. The house resolved that the matter will be discussed and further follow up action will be taken by the Circle Executive body.

8. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES AND PROCEDURES IN RESPECT OF CIGARETTE FACTORY. The members pointed out that as per the Central Excise Manual; the duty of central excise officer (Inspector) is required only at the time of clearance. Further, there is likelihood of evasion of duty as the physical control over the cigarettes factories is not fool-proof. The keys of the factory are with the owner and the factory is not sealed. There is every likelihood of the running of the factory with the aid of generator as the power supply is not routed through the electric meter of the P.S. P.C.L. (Electricity Department). There is no commodity manual for Cigarettes in existence now-a-days and hence, the factory owners are not maintaining any record regarding blending, sorting etc. The house resolved that the matter will be examined by a team comprising of Shri Kulwinder Kumar (Executive Member), Jalandhar Division and Shri Vinod Kumar (Executive Member), Division-II, Ludhiana, and they shall intimate the General Secretary. The matter will be taken up with the administration after this two-member committee gives its report and after due deliberations by the Circle Executive.

9. ADDITIONAL POSTS OF SUPERINTENDENTS AND INSPECTORS AT ICP, ATTARI ROAD AND CFS, LUDHIANA. The President and Vice President (Amritsar Br.) raised the issue relating to the requirement of additional posts of Superintendents and Inspectors at I.C.P. Wagah Border. It was brought to the notice of the house that as against the sanctioned strength of 4 posts of Inspectors and Superintendents (in each cadre), presently there are 19 Superintendents and 26 Inspectors working at ICP. The working strength has been increased keeping in view the increased work-load and sensitivity of the ICP (trade with Pakistan). The house resolved that the matter may be taken up with the administration for seeking additional numbers of posts of both Inspectors and Superintendents for ICP so that the sanctioned strength is increased to 19 Superintendents and 26 Inspectors. Hence, there should be additional posts of Superintendents to the extent of 15 posts and 22 posts of Inspectors at the ICP.

It has also been brought to the notice of the house that the Commissioner of Customs, Amritsar has sought sanction of 4 posts of Superintendents for CFS, Ludhiana on cost recovery basis. The house resolved that the matter be taken up with the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner for taking up the matter with the CBEC for expeditious sanction of these four additional posts of Superintendents.

10. TENURE IN THE J & K COMMISIONERATE A few members from Jammu and Kashmir raised the issue regarding increase in the tenure of J & K Commissionerate, and also that the period of stay in sensitive postings should be two years. The move was opposed by some other members from J & K Commissionerate, who wanted status quo to be maintained. For the time being, the matter was kept in abeyance as some members were of the view that the destabilizing the transfer policy at this stage will be harmful to the interest of cadre. Moreover, the tenure and other issues relating to transfer and postings require consensus among all the three stake-holders – the administration, Inspector cadre and the Superintendent cadre. However, the house resolved that the Vice President and Joint Secretary, J & K Branch will examine the matter with reference to the strength allocated at various stations in the Commissionerate and will send their report to the General Secretary.

11. Non acknowledgement of the communications from the Association and communication of important orders to the Association. The office bearers of the association brought it to the notice of the house that the communications sent by the Association to the administration are not being acknowledged by the authorities. Even in many cases, the affirmative actions have been taken by the administration, for which the House appreciated the Administration, though no communication regarding either the receipt of the association’s letters or the action taken by the administration is forwarded to the association. The General Secretary brought it to the notice of the members that the association is recognized by Govt. of India and is a body governed by the CCS (RSA), Rules and its constitution and resolutions adopted as per its constitution. Hence, being a legal and legitimate entity, it is incumbent upon the authorities to acknowledge the receipt of all communications from the association to the designated office bearers. The house resolved that the General Secretary will take up the matter with the Hon’ble Chief Commissioner as well as all the Commissioners requesting to issue necessary directions to the concerned officers in this regard. The house also resolved that the copies of all the Establishment Orders/Transfer Orders and other important communications relating to the welfare and concerning the other interests of the cadre be necessarily sent to the designated office bearers of the Association. The copies of all such communications/orders may also be placed on the official website of the concerned Commissionerates within 24 hours of the issue of such order. The house designated the following officer bearers to receive the communications from the administration on behalf of the Association : -

1) Shri Ramesh Chander Sharma, President – all communications from CCU and other Commissionerates;

2) Shri Bhagwan Singh, General Secretary, - all communications from CCU and other Commissionerates;

3) Shri Munish Arya – all communications from CCU and Chandigarh-1 and Chandigarh-2.

4) Shri Subhash Bhashin, Vice President – all communications from J& K Commissionerate.

The house resolved that all the communications received will be brought to the notice of the President and the General Secretary immediately and in all cases within 24 hours of receipt.

12. PROVISION OF RECREATION FACILITIES : The members from Chandigarh Hqrs. pointed out that the recreation facilities/room is not available in the Hqrs. Building and the administration may be requested to provide the same. The house resolved that the matter will be taken up with the administration for making necessary provisions in this regard.

13. WORKS RELATED TO PUBLC WELFARE : The President and certain other members raised that the Association must contribute towards the public welfare activities by holding Blood donation camp and other activities like environment improvement measures. The house resolved that the General Secretary in consultation with Sh. Vinod Kumar, Executive Member and other Executive Member will explore the possibility of holding Blood Donation Camp(s) in the near future.

In the end, the General Secretary thanked all the members present and the cadre in general for extending a helping hand in taking up the matters relating to the welfare of the cadre. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.

These minutes have been issued as per the proceedings of the house and after due approval of the President.



Copy to : -

1. The President/Secretary General, AICEIA, KOLKATTA,

2. The Chief Commissioner, Central Excise, Chandigarh Zone, Chandigarh, for kind information and favourable action please.

3. The Commissioner, Central Excise Commissionerate, Chandigarh-I/Chandigarh-II/Ludhiana/J&K and Customs Preventive Commissionerate, Amritsar, for information please& favourable action pl.

4. S/Shri Malkit Singh, Vice President (North Zone).

5. The Notice Boards at all Commissionerates and Divisional Headquarters, for information of all concerned.