Monday, June 25, 2012


My dear friends,

The AGTs orders have already been issued. By and large, the orders have been found to be as per the existing guidelines/policy . Though the association has tried its best to convince the administration to accept the requests of the members on compassionate grounds, but some of them appear to have not been  acceded to. The team AICEIA begs pardon from the members whose requests could not be acceded to despite its best efforts. The administration might have own variety of reasons/compulsions for the same. On our part, there has not been any hesitation to beg for compassion for our comrades in deserving cases, and on the part of whole team, it is assured that there will never be any hesitation to work for the welfare of our cadre in future also.

So, it is now time to refocus on the issues and carry on the work relating to the welfare of our cadre as well as other cadres working side by side. The problems relating to work-friendly environment, adequate and latest infrastructure still persist though the good work done by the administrative authorities in the zone cannot be belittled. So we have to work together and persuade the authorities to further improve  the working conditions in our offices because the work-place is our second home, where we spend our considerable time.

Besides above, our cadre is also facing problems relating to stagnation and other issues relating to pay-scales/grade pay etc., which need urgent attention. The Joint Action Committee consisting of the Inspectors of Central Excise, Ministerial Officers and other group “C” cadres at the national level, has given a call for rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 27.07.2012. A circular has already been issued by the Secretary General of our Association and placed on our blog and blog sites of all india body ( “”). We have to be ready and united for making this agitational programme a successful event because the various meetings with and assurances of the CBEC authorities and the Revenue Secretary as well as Finance Minister have so far failed to yield any positive results. The DPC for the existing vacancies of the Assistant Commissioners is not being held nor is the ratio as per the latest Apex Court directions being implemented, which has not only resulted in denial of promotions to the Superintendents, but also denied the percolation benefits down the line to our cadre as well as other ministerial/group “C” cadres.

I hope that all the members of our cadre will whole heartedly participate in the agitational programme and dedicate one day to the common causes irrespective of personal problems and personal differences of opinion, if any. United we stand and may win, divided we will fail to achieve our genuine long-standing goals. We must act now, because it is now or never situation ; and also a stitch in time saves nine.

Jai Hind,