Saturday, June 23, 2012



CIRCULAR- 05/12 Dated 20.06.2012

Dear Comrades,

Owing to the prolonged insensitiveness shown by the officials dealing with the Cadre Restructuring under CBEC in particular & other related issues affecting the career prospects of members belonging to their respective Associations in general, the Joint Action Committee under CBEC swung into action consequent to which the draft Cadre Restructuring proposal was made known to all the Associations, hesitantly & unwillingly.

2. Upon studying the proposal threadbare, the respective Associations under the joint platform of Joint Action Committee had on 25.01.2011 submitted a common charter of demands to be incorporated in the Cadre Restructuring proposal. The demands were neither considered nor were any positive consultations held with the Joint Action Committee for nearly a year, which affirms the continued lack of sensitivity that the issue deserved. The Administration’s intent to proceed with the Cadre Restructuring proposal without considering the genuine aspirations of the cadres has serious implications on the career prospects of all Group ‘B’, ‘C’ and erstwhile ‘D’ cadres in the Central Excise, Customs and Service Tax Departments under CBEC.

3. Joint Action Committee in Central Board of Excise & Customs consisting of Group ‘C’, Group ‘D’ organizations in Central Excise & Customs and All India Central Excise Inspectors Associations met in New Delhi on 9th February, 2012. It was unanimously decided that the Board and the concerned departments of Government of India have to complete the Cadre restructuring process immediately taking in to account the submissions made by the Joint Action Committee in CBEC on 25.01.2011; Hence, it was unanimously decided that All the organizations shall:

1) Boycott Central Excise day Celebration on 24th of February, 2012.

2) 16th March 2012 mass walk out from 14.00 hours to 16.00 hours

3) 23rd March 2012 mass walk out from 14.00 hours to 18.00 hours

4) 30th March 2012 Sign and walk out

4. Immediately after receiving our notice CBEC called for a joint meeting on 23.03.2012 later on which was rescheduled to 27.03.2012. The meeting was inconclusive as CBEC could not provide us the current status and supply recent documents on restructuring proposals. Meanwhile in this meeting our Association demanded for All India seniority vociferously to remove the regional disparity, for which a letter was also issued by the DGHRD immediately after the meeting. Unfortunately after that meeting CBEC is observing a strict silence and as decided in the meeting of 27.03.2012, the CBEC is not calling the JAC to discuss about the progress of the CR proposals and the various issues affecting the cadre. Being perturbed and embittered by the CBEC, the JAC leadership met the Hon’ble F.M. on 20th May 2012 and submitted memorandum in this regard at Kolkata. Owing to some pressure from F.M’s office CBEC contacted our JAC leadership and instructed them to meet Secretary D.O.P&T for further information on cadre restructuring.

5. JAC in its meeting held on 12.06.2012 at Kolkata decided to go for dharna at Parliament street near Jantar Mantar on 27.07.2012 from 9.30 A.M. till 6 P.M. All the Branch and Circle Secretary’s and Circle & Branch Committees are hereby requested to send as many people as possible to New Delhi to make the agitation a success. Similar dharna should also be conducted at all the zonal HQ by the respective committees.

6. Further, the meeting of the National Executive of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and workers has unanimously decided to organise a March to Parliament on 26th July, 2012(Thursday) in pursuance of the 14 Points of Charter of Demands, with a participation of about 50,000 comrades. It was also decided for a one day Strike on a date to be fixed by the Sectt. and announced at the rally on 26thJuly, 2012. The proposed one day strike will be on a day between the last fortnight of November and the first week of December, 2012, depending upon the period of the Monsoon session of the Parliament to win the demands in the Charter.

Hence, we would like to request all the Circles & Branches to organize meeting and campaign programme and arrangement should be made for massive participation in the programmes on 26th and on 27th of July 2012 at new Delhi.

We would like to request Superintendent Association throughout this country to come forward and join this agitational programme and make it a grand success.

Charter of Demand for ‘March to Parliament’ at the call of Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers slated to be held on 26th of July 2012 :

1. Revise wages of CGEs with effect from 1.1.2011 and every five years thereafter by setting up the 7th CPC;

2. 2. Merge DA with Pay for all purposes including pension with effect from 1.1.2011;

3. 3. Remove restriction imposed on compassionate appointment and end the discrimination on compassionate appointments between the Railway workers and other CGEs)

4. Revive the Joint Consultative machinery. Convene the meeting of the Departmental Counts in all Ministries/Departments. Settle the anomalies raised in the national anomaly committee as also in the Departmental Anomaly Committees. Remove the MACP Anomalies. Convene the National Council meetings as specified in the JCM Constitution. Grant recognition to all Associations/Federations, which have complied with all the formalities stipulated in the CCS(RSA) Rules.

5. Fill up all vacant posts and create posts on functional requirements.

6. Stop downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation, coporatisation and privatization of Governmental functions.

7. Stop price rise; strengthen the PDS.

8. (a) Regularize the daily rated workers, contingent and casual workers and bring in a permanent scheme of regularization.

(b) Promote all eligible GDS of Postal Department against 50% Postmen vacancies and 100% MTS vacancies without resorting to direct recruitment from the open market. Raise the bonus ceiling of GDS employees on par with other workers in the country.

9. Stop the move to introduce the productivity linked wage system; Performance related pay; introduce PLB to in all Departments; remove the ceiling of emoluments for bonus computation.

1010. Revise the OTA and Night duty allowance and clothing rates of uniforms

1111. Implement all arbitration awards

1212. Vacate all Trade Union victimizations.

13. Make the right to strike a legal right and stop curtailment of T.U. rights

14. Scrap the New Pension Scheme and extend the statutory defined benefit pension to all Central Govt. employees irrespective of the date of recruitment.

Before concluding, we would like to inform all concerned that we have filed a case in the Mumbai CAT under the supervision Jt. Secretary (WZ) Com. Sanjay Srinivasan. The fund generated as legal fund has almost been exhausted. We would like to request our members to deposit atleast @ Rs.100/- to strengthen the said fund. We would like to request all concerned to deposit the amount as early as possible.

Comradely Yours

Secretary General