Thursday, July 19, 2012


CIRCULAR No. 02/2012 DATED 18.07.2012.

The attention of the members of AICEIA, Chandigarh Zone is drawn towards the previous blog dated 23.06.2012 on the blog site “AICEIACHD.BLOGSPOT.COM” operated by the Association and the website of the All India Association “AICEIA.BLOGSPOT.COM” on the subject.

All the members are requested to kindly participate in the agitation programme for pressing the genuine demands of the cadre, which are long outstanding due to the indifferent and insensitive attitude of the CBEC and the govt. authorities. The JAC Committee, comprising the Group “C” Officers, Group “D” Officers, All India Central Excise & Service Tax Ministerial officers Association, has already given notice for agitation to the Revenue Secretary, and it has been decided to hold day-long Dharna ( demonstration ) at Jantar Mantar, near Parliament House, New Delhi, on 27th July, 2012.

Friends, it is time to wake up, for if we fail to show our determination and solidarity now, we will have to pay a very heavy price. We have suffered a lot and our service conditions have become very worse, especially in the matters of pay and promotions. We have been denied promotional avenues, not only in parity with our counter-parts working in the Department of Revenue ( Income Tax) but also in parity with  intra-organization counter-parts ( working under CBEC) like Examiners, who are recruited through the same examination. The cadre restructuring  exercise, which was due in 2007 has been inordinately delayed and is still entangled in the bureaucratic red-tapism for the last more than two years. The CBEC authorities have given assurances number of times, but failed to keep them up so far.

So, kindly act now, lest it be too late to act. Kindly remember a quotation of Pastor Neilomer,  which reads as under :

First, they ( Nazis) came for the socialists,
I did not speak because I was not a socialist,

Then they came for the trade unionists
I did not speak because I was not a trade unionist;

Then they came for the Jews;
I did not speak because I was not a Jew,

Then they came for me;
But by that time no one was left to speak for me.

So kindly be ready to participate in the agitation with full devotion. All the Office bearers and active members are requested to kindly inspire and motivate our colleagues to participate in the agitation.

With regards,