Friday, August 8, 2014

Letter of CC for DPC

                   CHANDIGARH CIRCLE
(Comprising: Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax Commissionerates in Punjab, Himachal, J&K and Chandigarh)
Office Address : Room No 7, Central Revenue Building, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh
H.O :15/1 Strand Road, Custom House, M.S.Building, 7th floor, Kolkata-700001
{Recognized by Ministry of Finance vide F.No.B.12017/1/2004-Ad.IV A dated 31.12.07 & 14.1.08}

                                                    Ref. No.AICEIA CHD Circle/6 /14             Dated   07.08.2014

Room No.314, 3RDh Floor, Central Revenue Building, Plot No. 19, Sector 17-C, Chandigarh
Liaison Secretary
email id
MUKESH ANAND 9417183321

          The Chief Commissioner
          Central Excise (Chandigarh Zone)

Sub:    Holding of DPC in view of Cadre Restructuring - reg.

                   As your goodself is aware that Board Office vide letter No. 11019/08/2013-Ad.IV dated 1.8.2014(copy enclosed) has circulated revised cadre strength amongst the formations under the Board.
                   It is well known fact that cadre of Central Excise Inspectors is bearing highest level of suffering due to across the cadre stagnation almost on all India level.  However, some of the zones come under the most stagnated category and Chandigarh Zone is one among them as presently in our Zone an Inspector is getting promotion to the grade of Superintendent well past 21 years of service in the grade of Inspector.    As per the revised cadre strength annexed to the above referred Board’s letter, the total allocation of posts in the cadre of Superintendent for formations under Chandigarh Zone is 565 no. against existing sanctioned strength of 415 posts. Thus, this has resulted in 150 no. of vacancies in grade of Superintendent in this zone to be filled by promotion from the grade of Inspectors in our Zone.
                   In this regard, attention is invited to the Chairman’s Message dated19.5.2014 (copy enclosed) wherein the Chairman has acquainted with the steps to be taken at CBEC level and also at Cadre Controlling level. In respect of conduct of DPCs for promotion of various grades in Group C and B by CCAs, it was, inter alia, enumerated that DPCs can be done in those cadres which do not require any change in RRs.
                   As there is no change in RRs for promotions to the cadre of Superintendent, we request your goodself to immediately issue necessary directions for conducting of DPCs for the vacancies arisen in view of the revised cadre strength.  As Inspectors are already suffering due to time lag of more than 21 years for next promotion to grade of Superintendent, a speedy Action in this direction will help the cadre in easing the suffering to a great extent though for the time being and also this will boost the morale of the cadre.

                   Further, delay in conducting DPC will also be detrimental to further prospects of promotions as All India Seniority is fixed from the date of joining in the grade of Superintendent for promotion to the grade of Assistant Commissioner. As such, any delay in DPC for promotions to the grade of Superintendent will result in placement at lower level in the All India seniority list of the officers of Chandigarh Zone.  On behalf of the whole cadre of Inspectors, undersigned wish to make a humble request that in the interest of justice an early action for holding DPCs in view of revised cadre strength may be ordered.

Yours faithfully,

[Rajinder Malhotra]
General Secretary
              Copy  forwarded to the Commissioner, Central Excise Commissionerate, Chandigarh-I for similar action, please.
     [Rajinder Malhotra]
                                                              General Secretary

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